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"Hi I'm the chief baby food taster at Baby Royale."

Welcome to my Healthy Little Kingdom!

Baby Royale:
Yummy meals, snacks and cereals for babies and toddlers.

Born in Australia. Perfect for little ones everywhere!

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All Baby Royale products are made natural for baby.

Why is this important?

Weaning is a very special time for baby as they learn the tastes and textures of real food for the first time. Some times it takes a bit of getting use to and baby’s facial expressions can be priceless!

To ensure baby has only the best experience with weaning many health care professionals recommend first foods that only include 1 or 2 ingredients at a time. We think this is great too, and you’ll find our step 1 products are just that. So if baby does’t like one flavour it can be identified and left to try again when baby is a little older. This takes the stress and strain away from weaning time.

With all this in mind, Baby Royale products are made completely natural, with NO added sugars or salts, NO artificial flavours or colours, NO additives or thickeners and NO genetically modified. Just great tasting food for baby.

Stay tuned to find our more about how we make our premium baby foods.

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